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        Bearing Sensor Home

        www.xljpw.cn // home page

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        Bearing Sensor, Bearing RTD, Bearing Thermocouple
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        Custom Bearing Sensor

        Thermometrics specializes in making custom sensors to our customers specification. If you are looking for odd sensors and different wire lengths, well then what you want is what you will get. We are here to work with our customers so when they receive our sensors they just need to take them out of the box and they are ready to be used. This eliminates the customer from having to adjust the sensor to meet their needs.

        We are constantly working to engineer new parts that are out of the industry "norm" that can make installing bearing sensors easier. We have developed some new designs that are being used by some of our customers right now and we have seen great feedback. Many time when potting the bearing sensor strain is put on the wire because they need to be bent back. Our new designs have eliminated the stress on the wire and make for easier installs. Also our screw in bearing sensors have seen great reviews from installers. With a free spinning top you have the ability to move the wire where ever you want with out stress on it or having to epoxy it in and not be able to move it at all.

        If you are interested in samples of our new designs to see if they are right for your application please contact sales@bearingsenor.com for more information

        Below are a few designs we have been producing-


        Bearing Thermocouple, Bearing RTD, Bearing Sensor










        Bearing RTD, Bearing Thermocouple, Bearing Sensor



        Bearing Sensor, Bearing RTD, Bearing Thermocouple












        Bearing Sensor, Bearing RTD, Bearing Thermocouple


        Bearing Sensor, Bearing RTD, Bearing Thermocouple



        Top Hat Bearing Tempreature Sensor



        Minature Bearing Sensor Temperature Bearing

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        Custom Bearing Sensors

        We specialize in the manufacturing of custom designed sensors to our cusomers specifications..
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