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        Bearing Sensor Home

        www.xljpw.cn // home page

        Ph. (818) 886-3755



        Bearing Thermocouple Sensor
        Bearing RTD Sensor
        Custom Bearing Sensors
        In Stock Bearing Sensors
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        Company Catalog
        New Customers Selecting Your Bearing Sensor Bearing Sensor Articles Bearing Temperature Sensor References Bearing Sensor Pictures

        Bearing Sensor Temperature References

        Additional Temperature Reference Pages:

        Temperature Tango

        Temperature Stability

        Temperature Sensors

        Temperature Sensor Tips & Tricks

        Temperature Drift

        Temperature Coefficient

        Get an Expert with your Temperature Sensor

        Intro to Temperature Measurement

        10Ω Copper RTD F°    10Ω Copper RTD C°

        100Ω .00385 RTD F°

        100Ω .00392 RTD F°              100Ω .00392 RTD C°

        100Ω .00390 RTD F°              100Ω .00390 RTD C°

        120Ω  Nickel RTD 0.00672 in C

        120Ω Nickel RTD 0.00672 in F

        150# Flange

        1500# Flange

        2500# Flange

        300 Flange

        400 Flange

        507.5Ω Nickel-Iron RTD -0.00520 in C°

        507.5Ω Nickel-Iron RTD- 0.00520 in F°

        600 Flange

        604Ω Nickel Iron RTD- 0.00518 in Cº

        604Ω Nickel Iron RTD- 0.00518 in F°

        900 Flange

        About Temperature

        Accurtacy standards

        BSPT Thread Chart

        Calibration Resistance Ratio's

        Color Codes Sheet

        Common Causes for Bearing Overheating

        Food Temp Sensors

        ISO Metric Screw Thread Chart

        Ice Point Temp Calibration

        Keeping Food Safe During a Power Outage

        NPT Thread Chart

        RTD Theorys and Standards

        RTD Signals

        Safe Food Handling Procedures

        Selecting the Right Temperature Sensor

        Temperature Coefficient Standards

        Thermometrics Catalogue

        Thermowells and Flanges

        Unified Thread Standard

        Explosion Proof Sensors


        Percentage vs Temperature in Degrees in F°

        Thermometrics Thermocouple Codes

        Spec 2-1

        Spec 3

        Standard Wire Gauge

        Standardized Thermocouples

        Type B TC in C

        Type B TC in F

        Type C TC in C

        Type C TC in F

        Type E TC in C

        Type E TC in F

        Type J TC in C

        Type J TC in F

        Type K TC in C

        Type K TC in F

        Type M TC in C

        Type M TC in F

        Type N TC in C

        Type N TC in F

        Type P TC in C

        Type P TC in F

        Type R TC in C

        Type R TC in F

        Type S TC in C

        Type S TC in F

        Type T TC in C

        Type T TC in F


        Latest Bearing Work

        Bearing Sensor Engineering Bearing Sensor Pictures
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        Custom Bearing Sensors

        We specialize in the manufacturing of custom designed sensors to our cusomers specifications..
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        Bearing Sensor News
        Find Out What Is Going On In The Industry
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        Bearing Suppliers
        Directory Of Bearing Suppliers
        Journal Bearings
        Thrust Bearings
        Rolling-Element Bearings

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