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        Bearing Sensor Home

        www.xljpw.cn // home page

        Ph. (818) 886-3755



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        Thermometrics Contacts


        Thermometrics Corporation is an ISO 9000:2008 registered manufacturing facility, located in Northridge, California. Thermometrics manufactures Thermocouples, RTDs, Thermowells, Connection heads and complete temperature sensor assemblies for use in a variety of industries. Our combination of experienced, personalized service, quick delivery and a broad line of superior quality temperature sensing products provide the best solutions for all of your temperature measurement applications.

        Our sales staff is composed of :

        -Northridge, Ca Sales Team-

        Johnny Galvez- Sales Manager (x105), Email- jgalvez@thermometricscorp.com

        Otniel Galvez- Sales Associate (x115), Email- ogalvez@thermometricscorp.com

        Ken Garden- Sales Associate (x111), Email- kgarden@themometricscorp.com

        Angela Fishwick- Sales Associate (x114), Email- afishwick@thermometricscorp.com

        -Orwell, Vermont Sales Representative-

        Dave King- Sales Engineer FAX -(802) 948-2858, Email- dking@thermometricscorp.com

        -Houston, Texas Sales Representative-

        Merv Albert- Sales Representative, Email- malbert@sbcglobal.net

        (Phone # (281) 257-8000) (Fax # (281) 379-3963) (Cell # (713) 899-1513)

        -Lead Engineer Northridge, Ca-

        Tom Fishwick- Engineer (x104), Email- tfishwick@thermometricscorp.com









        Latest Bearing Work

        Bearing Sensor Engineering Bearing Sensor Pictures
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        Custom Bearing Sensors

        We specialize in the manufacturing of custom designed sensors to our cusomers specifications..
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        Bearing Sensor News
        Find Out What Is Going On In The Industry
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        Bearing Suppliers
        Directory Of Bearing Suppliers
        Journal Bearings
        Thrust Bearings
        Rolling-Element Bearings

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